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Buying gold online Africa

Buying Gold online Africa.

You must know by now that investing in the gold trade in Africa is very profitable with prices 20% below world market price.

Buying gold online from Africa however is not without difficulties with the main hindrance being how to avoid getting scammed. Almost 90% of all deals are scams and our job is to help you identify this scam artist so you don’t lose money.

If you are looking to buy gold online from Africa below world market price then contact us and we will direct you to a verified gold supplier.

Do no be a victim of scam. Make thorough research and inquiries before buying gold online Africa .

Our sole mission is to ensure buyers and investors looking to buy or invest in gold in Cameroon do so without getting scammed.

The numerous scams in the Cameroon gold sector has left many investors wondering if there’s a single legit vendor in the country.

Cameroon with all its riches in gold is fast growing and this is the perfect time for investors to invest and buy gold from the country. The mining in the country is mostly done by artisanal miners in small local communities around the mining area.

This artisanal miners tend to sell directly to foreign buyers thereby avoiding taxes and this is considered illegal. It is because of this that the gold prices in Cameroon are very low compared to other countries.

You can make a fortune buying gold online from Cameroon but you need to know how to go about it.

If you are in contact with anyone claiming to sell gold, send their registration information to us. Ask them to send you the following :

  • Export Business License No.
  • Taxpayer Identification No. (TIN)
  • Company Registration number

When they send you the above information, forward to us. We will verify with the Chamber of commerce and Ministry of Mines then tell you if they are legit or not.

Note you can only buy gold online through us or vendors recommended by us. If you meet any other seller ask them to forward their information for verification.

Contact today if you are looking to buy gold online Africa.


Cameroon involved in Central African ‘conflict diamonds’ trade

Illicit trafficking of diamonds from the Central African Republic (CAR) into neighboring Cameroon continues to partially finance an almost three-year conflict, a report published Friday shows.

According to Partnership Africa Canada, Cameroon’s poor controls, smuggling and corruption, explain the country’s failure to implement the Kimberley Process — an international diamond certification scheme meant to stop the trade of conflict diamonds.

Cameroon is allowing conflict diamonds from the Central African Republic to cross over its borders and into the legal supply chain due to poor controls, smuggling and corruption.

Unrest in CAR dates back to early 2013 when mostly Muslim Seleka rebels seized power, triggering retaliations by “anti-balaka” Christian militias who drove tens of thousands of Muslims from the south in a de facto partition of the country.

As a result, the Kimberley Process banned in May that year the export of diamonds from the landlocked country. Such prohibition was partially lifted this year, but today’s report shows the flow of conflict diamonds from CAR to international markets goes on.

The lengthy document comes on the eve of the Kimberley Process Review Visit to Cameroon, which evaluates the nation’s implementation of internal controls that govern diamond production and trade.

The authors followed Cameroonian traders who usually buy diamonds from across the river —in CAR— and then sell them to retailers in Cameroon’s East region.

Such diamonds, the reports says, are “self-declared” as originating in Cameroon and Kimberley Process Certificates are issued attesting to their conflict-free status, allowing for their export to international markets.

Partnership Africa Canada asked the Kimberley Process to place Cameroon under Special Measures, which would require a tightening of internal controls within a three-month period. During that time, no diamond would leave Cameroon without expert and external oversight.

The group also called on a regional approach to tackle the illicit trade of CAR’s conflict diamonds, bringing in other neighbours such as Democratic Republic of Congo and Angola, for a harmonized strategy.

The UAE KP Chair, Ahmed Bin Sulayem, acknowledged the findings and said the organization he leads endorses the need for an ‘on-the-ground’ approach in countries that have been subject to sanctions.

He also highlighted the urgent need for a Permanent UN Secretariat that can guarantee the continuity and efficiency of the Kimberley Process.

You can download the full report here.



Normangroup-ltd, offer best quality Red Mercury at affordable prices. If you require any further information regarding our range of Red mercury – Please get in touch with Atlantic Diamond & Gold Limited today by calling +237 or contacting us via email at

It is said that red mercury is a cherry red semi-liquid material

The intensity of red mercury is high about 20.2 g / cm 3, like the Alneptinyum 237 are intensity as a non-radioactive.

Since the amount of chemical potential energy molecule limits the increased density of lead component to be more effective efficient explosively.

And the intensity of any explosive substance is of particular importance when considering the speed and burst pressure of the article.

We know that when you get an explosive substance with a double density material density, for example RDX per gram, while the same energy content is maintained, you get something that leads to larger than any of the explosives currently Taqpanfjarip known.

Uses of red mercury

Red Mercury is used as a solvent for uranium-235 and thus facilitate the process of storage of radioactive uranium 235 and this can be easily separated from red mercury by a distillation process, it is well known that mercury was ten games, seven of which were stable isotope then unstable and produce two beta rays are negative, and one of these industrial mercury isotopes is known as the Network.

The natural counterpart Vlonh silver tends to be reddish, while industrial counterpart Venzirh tends to color red metallic mercury oxide being. Consequently, the industrial counterpart of a critical of (2: 3) mass kg and can pop several grams of it, specifically, is a military parallel class, and most are now in the world in theproduction in the former Soviet Union.



Gold bars for sale available in various sizes from 10g up to 10000kg ideal for all. Our smaller 10g, 25g & 50g bars make wonderful gifts, whereas our larger 100kg, 250kg, 500kg and 1ton gold bars are ideal for larger investors seeking the lowest premiums. All our gold investment bars, often know as gold ingots, bricks or biscuits, are competitively priced with the larger bars representing the very best value for money. For individuals looking for a flexible investment our 10kg gold bars could be ideal. For those looking for the perfect balance between flexibility and value, our bestselling 100-1000kg gold bar could be the perfect investment for you.

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