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It is said that red mercury is a cherry red semi-liquid material

The intensity of red mercury is high about 20.2 g / cm 3, like the Alneptinyum 237 are intensity as a non-radioactive.

Since the amount of chemical potential energy molecule limits the increased density of lead component to be more effective efficient explosively.

And the intensity of any explosive substance is of particular importance when considering the speed and burst pressure of the article.

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We know that when you get an explosive substance with a double density material density, for example RDX per gram, while the same energy content is maintained, you get something that leads to larger than any of the explosives currently Taqpanfjarip known.

Uses of red mercury

Red Mercury is used as a solvent for uranium-235 and thus facilitate the process of storage of radioactive uranium 235 and this can be easily separated from red mercury by a distillation process, it is well known that mercury was ten games, seven of which were stable isotope then unstable and produce two beta rays are negative, and one of these industrial mercury isotopes is known as the Network.

The natural counterpart Vlonh silver tends to be reddish, while industrial counterpart Venzirh tends to color red metallic mercury oxide being. Consequently, the industrial counterpart of a critical of (2: 3) mass kg and can pop several grams of it, specifically, is a military parallel class, and most are now in the world in the production in the former Soviet Union.